I had a chance to work with Tanner Smith at the Crowne Plaza Jakarta, Indonesia last year (2017) when he was responsible for taking pictures of our banquet rooms and ballroom. The hotel is over 10 years old and these rooms were not in the best shape. Additionally, last minute travel issues due to the miscommunication between our side and his agency did not give him a lot of preparation time for the project.

However, in spite of these multiple challenges, he proactively dealt with all of these issues in a positive way in order to make sure things worked as smoothly as possible. Based on his previous experience working with other Crowne Plaza properties worldwide, he knew specific areas where he needed to focus and when to involve our Hotel staff. As a result, with only a short time to prepare, he took very good pictures of our ballroom and function rooms. Throughout his short stay at our Hotel, his strong communication skills, detail oriented approach with our local staff and his flexibility to work with our management side was impressive and the finished product exceeded our expectations.

Miyuki Rierson

InterContinental Hotel Group

As majority of guests are researching hotel image galleries online before making a reservation, it is a must that we stand out among our competition. Tanner was able to help us step up our game through his photos. Tanner is very passionate about his work as a photographer. He has a lot of ideas on how the photos will come out beautifully to showcase our property’s best features and understood every detail of what his client wants without comprising brand standards. He even took a great shot of one of our banquet rooms on the top floor with an amazing view of Mt. Fuji during sunset! His work is amazing and we can never thank him enough for delivering excellent results. We highly recommend him to everyone needing photography services and we hope to work with him again in the future.

Kenji Yoshinari

Crowne Plaza Narita

When I needed professional photos of my resort in Bali, Sahaja Sawah, I didn’t know where to turn and I had no connections. I contacted 10 different photographers, and along with the recommendation of a Swedish photographer, we agreed that Tanner was by far the best. He always does a very good job and I also appreciate the advice he has provided, specifically from the first time we met. He told me not to put extra decorations if you don’t put them for every single guest coming in, as they would be very disappointed and unhappy. This is totally the truth and I am very grateful that he gave me this invaluable advice. I highly recommend Tanner and his services.

Bernard Van Elmpt

Sahaja Sawah Resort

We are a booking agency in Bali, and we market well over 800 villas where we directly represent our owner clients. We frequently are asked to arrange photo galleries for villas, and especially popular are drone shots with overhead overview. For all our photography requirements we use Tanner and are pleased to recommend his services. Appointments are arranged promptly and always first class results. We have been using Tanner now for over 4 years during which time he has proven to be reliable and has always delivered excellent results.

Nick Hyam

Bali Villas HVR